The analysis of indoor air quality requires a systematic approach. This includes analysis of a building’s mechanical systems, interviews with tenants and employees, on-going routine air monitoring, and specialized testing when a specific problem develops. Indoor air quality problems can be complicated by highly charged occupant emotions, building complexities and inconclusive results using standard techniques. Through questionnaires, interviews, and by scientific process of elimination that narrows down possible causes, our solution-oriented approach can provide the guidance needed to achieve higher quality indoor air. Solving challenging Indoor Air Quality problems is a key area of expertise for our BTEX Engineering environmental professionals.

BTEX solution-driven services include:
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing/Mold Inspections
  • Residential/Commercial Damage Inspections
  • Source Evaluation
  • Water Damage/Mold Assessment
  • HVAC/Duct Inspections
  • Lead Testing
  • Remedial Protocols
  • Air Quality Testing (viable and non-viable) Including: Initial Evaluations & Clearance Testing
  • Surface/Contents Sampling
  • Assessment Reports
  • Final Clearance Reports
Our goal is to identify, diagnose and mitigate potential IAQ issues before building occupants are affected.

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